The Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute at The University of Iowa (NNI) was established by The University of Iowa Office of the Vice President for Research in 2006. NNI focuses on issues related to applications and implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology in environmental processes and human health, as well as the fundamental properties of nanomaterials.

The institute includes a core group of faculty and staff from the colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine and Public Health involved in nanoscience and nanotechnology. NNI provides a venue where researchers from all disciplines of science and engineering can gather to share ideas and discuss their views and prospects of nanoscience, nanoengineering, nanomedicine and nanotechnology.

NNI has partnered with a number of interdisciplinary institutes and centers on campus on a number of cutting edge research areas, including those related to translational medicine and the societal implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology.